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About us

Airnity is a cellular connectivity platform company providing the automotive industry with a new way of enabling and improving their connected car operation on a global scale. 

Airnity was founded in 2021 by seasoned telecom entrepreneurs and former executives from telecom, IOT, connected car and telematics players.


Flattening the world

We aim at facilitating and simplifying connectivity for the connected car industry, ensuring harmonized global access to cellular connectivity in a secured and uniform way. 


We build a Full-MVNO dedicated to the connected car Connectivity 2.0. 

Airnity addresses local technical, operational, and regulatory constraints.


We develop a global distributed multi-cloud network platform to empower the automotive OEMs with smarter and more cost-effective connected services. 


We are changing the connected
car connectivity paradigm… 


Car makers are transforming the automobile into a complex software platform. The Airnity team is driven by the belief that the automotive embedded connectivity requires a change of paradigm. 


Current solutions haven't been designed for cars – Airnity defines a new and dedicated  connectivity solution and offering for Connected Cars where connectivity challenges such as cost, regulation, logistics, differences between MNO are fully abstracted, hence simplified from a Connected Car design perspective. 


While providing an homogeneous setup globally, Airnity's connectivity will always be the best connectivity available locally.

The unique connectivity solution fully dedicated to the connected car


A Scaling Ecosystem

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