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Let's face it, it's super hard to attract talents – especially when you can't reveal too much about your secret sauce – but we'll try to be as authentic as possible!

Elevator pitch – Airnity is a rapidly growing French company in the telecommunications field. We are a mobile operator serving automotive manufacturers and helping them meet the challenge of ultra-connected vehicles.


Our Mission 

  • Merge innovation in Telecom with the latest Cloud Engineering practice

  • Work with several Automotive OEMs on connected vehicles

  • Concrete / no-bullshit product, with high security & resilience standards

  • Our solution at scale – 📈100M+ SIMs & 🌐Global coverage

Innovation in Telecom?


We can't say too much but we want you to join us – let's try

  • GitOps & software development best practices to develop, test, deploy, and operate at scale clusters of Telecom Core Networks

  • Use the right technology for the task 🔨– Elixir, Rust, C++, and Python

  • Developer eXperience & Automation with an IDP built around GitHub and ArgoCD

  • Reliability & resilience thanks to CrossPlane, Kubernetes, and Kubernetes Controllers/Operators

  • Monitoring & Analytics built on top of Kafka, Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana, …

  • …🤐


Our environment

We are fully remote with transparent & flexible schedule
  • We try to meet regularly to discuss complex topics – but mainly to hang out together

  • A day once a month for those living around Toulouse and Nice

  • A week every 6 months in a quiet and remote location

We mainly interact online and thus picking the right tools is vital
  • We built our virtual workplace on Slack – and use M365 for external-facing communication/documents

  • Work & Knowledge hub on – this tool is 😍

  • Our code is on GitHub and we use Emacs, Neovim, VSCode that are better than each other 😁

MacBook or Laptop
  • As in every line of work good gears are crucial

  • MacOS, Linux, or Windows pick your poison

  • You are admin of your computer applying our security standards

Our Culture & Values


​What's important for us

  • Trust people skills & multi-faceted expertise

  • Empower everyone with clear accountabilities

  • Decentralize decision-making

  • Nurture a "Safe enough to try" culture

  • Leveraging everyone sensibilities for continuous improvement

That's why we decided to embrace Holacracy – it brings us a framework to get organized and evolve as needed.

Modern Agile defines our guiding principles – not just cool 1-liners
  • Make People Awesome – we all have fears and constantly need to learn, that's why we have a role of Engineering Helper defined to overcome them and go forward

  • Make Safety a Prerequisite – a tricky one when you are under time pressure but we all have each others back to keep us from taking fatal shortcuts

  • Experiment & Learn Rapidly – Nothing's better than a quick prototype miserably failing

  • Deliver Value Continuously – pretty obvious nowadays but deploying frequently small changes is 😌

Still interested? We need help!

Airnity is currently made up of passionate engineers with a wealth of experience in software development, telecom network operations, and the implementation of solutions for the automotive industry.

» Information Security Officer  ✓​
» Platform Engineer  ✓​
» Data Engineer  ✓​

Coming soon

We are drafting the following job offers with a multi-disciplinary mindset – if these one-liners pick your interest, you can already apply 😁

Senior Backend Engineer – versatile profile to join our Software Engineering team to design, develop, and test functionalities on network elements and network management infrastructure

Bingo buzzwords  Elixir, Monitoring, Zero downtime, DB migration, K8S

Core Network Engineer – focused on various core network nodes development using latest technologies – working 🤝 with our Telecom Engineering & OSS/BSS circles

Bingo buzzwords  2/3G,4G, 5G, Elixir, Rust, C++, VPP/DPDK, eBPF, Monitoring, K8S

Telecom Engineer design & build a next-gen telecom network using nodes developed by our Core Network Engineering team. If navigating through the various Voice call flows feels like a stroll for you, we need to talk 😁

​​Bingo buzzwords  2/3G, 4G, 5G, Data, Voice, SMS, K8S

Support Engineer – provide technical expertise to industry-leading car manufacturers and telecom partners by troubleshooting issues and building trustful relationships


Bingo buzzwords  "Houston, we have a problem" 🧘, Troubleshooting, Knowledge Capitalization, Continual Improvement, Coordination

Software Defined Network Engineer – if BGP BGR eBPF VPP DPK IPV6 CILIUM K8S CNI CNCF does not look like a Windows activation key to you but instead makes you look like 😍 just click and shoot us a message.

Bingo buzzwords  BGR, network overlays, IPAM, Elixir, Rust, C++, Linux, VPP/DPDK, eBPF, Monitoring, K8S, CNI​

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