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Data Engineer

Remote France

French & English

About us

Airnity is a rapidly growing French company in the telecommunications field. We are a mobile operator serving automotive manufacturers and helping them meet the challenge of ultra-connected vehicles.

One of our strengths as a telecom operator is that we heavily use "cloud-native" technologies. This allows us to have an extremely agile approach to our business and position ourselves as a viable alternative to traditional players.

More details about us, our environment, culture & values »

We need help

As part of the Data Engineering & Analysis team, you will participate in defining and developing the necessary components for the efficient collection, processing and analysis of the data generated by our solutions.

As an organisation set up in Holacracy, you will have the opportunity to refine explicitly the different roles you would like to assume but amongst the activities that the team is covering, there is:

  • Deploying and configuring necessary infrastructure for data collection, storage, processing, querying and visualization

  • Collecting at scale the data generated by our solution components and store them efficiently for future processing

  • Developing, deploying and maintaining data pipelines for pre-storage processing (ETL) or data enrichment

  • Developing, deploying, and maintaining data queries and visualization dashboards to be used for business intelligence

  • Supporting the Platform Engineering team for the data queries and visualization to be used for infrastructure and system monitoring.

Depending of your experience, you might want to focus on all or only some specific aspects of those activities.


Our technology stack:

  • Monitoring

    • Prometheus

    • Loki

    • Thanos

    • Grafana

  • Business Intelligence

    • Kafka

    • Spark

    • Deltalake

    • AWS Athena or Trino

    • Grafana

    • Python

Our environment

As Airnity is organized as a Holacracy, you will have complete freedom to propose the role or roles you wish to take on in order to best benefit the team with your experience. You can also develop new skills by choosing other roles.

Airnity is a full-remote company, allowing you to work from anywhere in France. If you are located in the Toulouse or Nice region, there is also the possibility of occasional co-working.

And you?

You have experience as a Data Engineer or Data Analysis in a high data volume context. You are at ease with deploying and maintaining your own code (DevOps methodology). You are looking for new challenges and are not afraid of high stakes. You are autonomous and have a proactive mindset.

You speak French and you are fluent in English.


Bonus points

  • Knowledge of networks and telecom

  • Experience with Kubernetes

  • Experience with cloud environments, especially AWS

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