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Let's face it, it's super hard to attract talents – especially when you can't reveal too much about your secret sauce – but we'll try to be as authentic as possible!

Elevator pitch – Airnity is a rapidly growing French company in the telecommunications field. We are a mobile operator serving automotive manufacturers and helping them meet the challenge of ultra-connected vehicles.


Our Mission 

  • Merge innovation in Telecom with the latest Cloud Engineering practice

  • Work with several Automotive OEMs on connected vehicles

  • Concrete / no-bullshit product, with high security & resilience standards

  • Our solution at scale – 📈100M+ SIMs & 🌐Global coverage

Innovation in Telecom?


We can't say too much but we want you to join us – let's try

  • GitOps & software development best practices to develop, test, deploy, and operate at scale clusters of Telecom Core Networks

  • Use the right technology for the task 🔨– Elixir, Rust, C++, and Python

  • Developer eXperience & Automation with an IDP built around GitHub and ArgoCD

  • Reliability & resilience thanks to CrossPlane, Kubernetes, and Kubernetes Controllers/Operators

  • Monitoring & Analytics built on top of Kafka, Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana, …

  • …🤐


Our environment

We are fully remote with transparent & flexible schedule
  • We try to meet regularly to discuss complex topics – but mainly to hang out together

  • A day once a month for those leaving around Toulouse and Nice

  • A week every 6 months in a quiet and remote location

We mainly interact online and thus picking the right tools is vital
  • We built our virtual workplace on Slack – and use M365 for external-facing communication/documents

  • Work & Knowledge hub on – this tool is 😍

  • Our code is on GitHub and use Emacs, Neovim, VSCode that are better than each other 😁

MacBook Pro or Laptop
  • As in every line of work good gears are crucial

  • MacOS, Linux, or Windows pick your poison

  • You are admin of your computer applying our security standards

Our Culture & Values


​What's important for us

  • Trust people skills & multi-faceted expertise

  • Empower everyone with clear accountabilities

  • Decentralize decision-making

  • Nurture a "Safe enough to try" culture

  • Leveraging everyone sensibilities for continuous improvement

That's why we decided to embrace Holacracy – it brings us a framework to get organized and evolve as needed.

Modern Agile defines our guiding principles – not just cool 1-liners
  • Make People Awesome – we all have fears and constantly need to learn, that's why we have a role of Engineering Helper defined to overcome them and go forward

  • Make Safety a Prerequisite – a tricky one when you are under time pressure but we all have each others back to keep us from taking fatal shortcuts

  • Experiment & Learn Rapidly – Nothing's better than a quick prototype miserably failing

  • Deliver Value Continuously – pretty obvious in 2023 but deploying frequently small changes is 😌

Still interested? We need help!

Airnity is currently made up of passionate engineers with a wealth of experience in software development, telecom network operations, and the implementation of solutions for the automotive industry.

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