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Platform Engineer

Remote France

French & English

About us

Airnity is a rapidly growing French company in the telecommunications field. We are a mobile operator serving automotive manufacturers and helping them meet the challenge of ultra-connected vehicles.

One of our strengths as a telecom operator is that we heavily use "cloud-native" technologies. This allows us to have an extremely agile approach to our business and position ourselves as a viable alternative to traditional players.

More details about us, our environment, culture & values »

We need help

As part of the Platform Engineering team, you will participate in defining and developing the Kubernetes infrastructure necessary for the development and operation of our solutions:

  • Creation and administration with ArgoCD and CrossPlane of Kubernetes clusters on GCP

  • Establishment and maintenance of high availability, as well as log and metric solutions for the infrastructure and applications

  • Multi-cluster interconnections

  • Document your achievements

  • Management of rights and authentication, establishment and maintenance of operational security

  • Deployment of transversal services (DB, network, etc.)

  • Development of CRD and Kubernetes operators

  • Automation of deployment procedures and management of Docker images

  • Training of teams on Kubernetes and IaC

Our environment

As Airnity is organized as a Holacracy, you will have complete freedom to propose the role or roles you wish to take on in order to best benefit the team with your experience. You can also develop new skills by choosing other roles.

Airnity is a full-remote company, allowing you to work from anywhere in France. If you are located in the Toulouse or Nice region, there is also the possibility of occasional co-working.

And you?

You have strong experience in:

  • Kubernetes

  • GCP or AWS

  • Platform engineering

You already worked with high-available and in high-traffic environments.

You are autonomous and are willing to help your colleagues to solve their problems if any.


You speak French and you are fluent in English.

Bonus points

  • Database management

  • Monitoring

  • Message queues/brokers (Kafka, RabbitMQ)

  • Knowledge of networks and telecom

  • System administration (data center management)

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