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Quality Engineering Manager

Remote France

French & English

About us

Airnity is a rapidly growing French company in the telecommunications field. We are a mobile operator serving automotive manufacturers and helping them meet the challenge of ultra-connected vehicles.

One of our strengths as a telecom operator is that we heavily use "cloud-native" technologies. This allows us to have an extremely agile approach to our business and position ourselves as a viable alternative to traditional players.

More details about us, our environment, culture & values »

We need help

We are looking for a hands-on / practical / pragmatic Quality-focused person. 

  • Hands-on: Actively involved in the day-to-day activities related to software engineering quality. Instead of solely managing or overseeing quality processes from a distance, having a hands-on approach involving direct participation in tasks such as testing, process checks, problem-solving, and implementation of quality standards. 

  • Practical: Values real-world effectiveness and feasibility. Prioritizing methods and solutions that are achievable and realistic, considering the resources available, time constraints, and the specific context of the organization or project. Choosing strategies and tools that are not just theoretically sound but also workable and beneficial in practical scenarios.

  • Pragmatic: Adopts a flexible and results-oriented approach. Making decisions based on what is most effective in achieving quality objectives, even if it means deviating from traditional methods or theoretical ideals. Requires balancing perfectionism with the practicalities and limitations of the business environment, such as budget constraints, deadlines, and most importantly, people.


Main roles / accountabilities

This position is transversal and thus the corresponding roles / accountabilities span across multiple domains.


  • Help protecting the company by executing the risk management process and helping others put in place the necessary safeguards

  • Help thinking about / documenting / improving our processes and our ways of working

  • Help defining and implementing ISO 9001 / 27001 standards in a practical way

    • Ensure quality is integrated throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) by working closely with other circles, such as Engineering, Product, Partner Experience, and Operations.​

  • Help designing, optimizing, and implementing efficient workflows within the organization or a specific process​

Engineering & Operations
  • Help defining, applying, and adjusting the Incident Management process

  • Help smoothing communication between every stakeholder during an event 

  • Help writing post-mortem articles

  • Help coordinating / animating Circles

Our environment

As Airnity is organized as a Holacracy, you will have complete freedom to propose the role or roles you wish to take on in order to best benefit the team with your experience. You can also develop new skills by choosing other roles.

Airnity is a full-remote company, allowing you to work from anywhere in France. If you are located in the Toulouse or Nice region, there is also the possibility of occasional co-working.

And you?

  • You have a Telecom or Software Engineering background

  • You know what it feels like to get ☎️ called in the middle of the night? 

    • Share with us your worst incident experience 😅 

  • You like to get to the bottom of an investigation to identify improvements

  • You are aware that chasing people for more details will be part of the job

  • You have previously owned an ISO process and been audited for it

  • You like tools and find ways to get the best out of them in your workflow

  • You speak French and are comfortable with English

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